Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Green Apple's Special Announcement


Davie, FL- January 1, 2015- In 2004, Green Apple Association of Christian Schools began accrediting Christian child care programs in Florida. Over the past ten years, Green Apple has expanded its accreditation services and become nationally recognized for accrediting child care/early learning programs, nonpublic/private schools, public/charter schools, substance abuse programs, and residential treatment centers for children and adolescents.

Green Apple has always held a nondiscrimination policy and been inclusive when it comes to its accreditation programs. Today, Green Apple accredits public and private programs, Faith-based programs including: Evangelical, Catholic, Jewish, and Nonsectarian programs that do not have a religious component at all. Additionally, Behavioral Health programs that serve children and adolescents are a central part of our accreditation services.

It was with that in mind that the board voted to change the name of Green Apple Association of Christian Schools to our new name-Green Apple Accreditation of Children's Services to better serve ALL of our members.

As a result of the change, you can expect more SERVICES, in new TERRITORIES, and greater QUALITY.


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